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Have you ever struggled to keep track of your furry friend in the dark? Maybe you’re out for a nighttime walk or camping trip, and your dog is running around in the shadows. It can be stressful trying to make sure they don’t get lost or hurt. But what if there was a solution to this problem?

Introducing the Halo Dog Collar – a revolutionary new product that will keep your dog safe and visible in low-light conditions. With its bright LED lights and reflective strip, the Halo Collar will ensure that your dog is always easy to spot, no matter how dark it gets.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Halo Dog Collar and explore its features, benefits, and potential drawbacks. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding of whether this product is right for you and your furry friend.

What Is a Halo Dog Collar?

A Halo dog collar is a smart collar used for boundary and activity tracking for dogs. It is an advanced technology gadget designed to help pet parents train, track, and protect their furry friends. Halo collars have a virtual fencing system that allows dogs to roam within set boundaries, and if they try to leave the area, it sends an alert to the owner’s smartphone. The collar also provides activity tracking, so pet owners can monitor their pet’s daily activities and ensure they are staying active and healthy. With its subscription plans, the Halo dog collar provides customizable feedback and training programs.

Benefits Of Having Halo Dog Collar For Your Dog

As a pet parent, keeping your dog safe is always a top priority. That’s where the Halo Dog Collar comes in. Here are some of the benefits of having this innovative piece of technology for your furry friend:

– Advanced GPS technology: The Halo Collar GPS allows you to track your dog’s location in real-time, so you always know where they are. This feature is especially useful for dogs who love to explore or have a tendency to wander off.

– Customizable feedback: Unlike shock collars, the Halo Collar offers customizable vibration or tone feedback to help you train your dog without causing any pain or harm. You can also adjust the feedback levels based on your dog’s personality and behavior.

– Comfortable and stylish design: The Halo Collar comes in several colors and sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for your dog. It’s also waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged in the rain or during playtime near water.

– Halo App: The Halo App is a powerful tool that allows you to create up to 20 wireless fences, set up activity tracking, and access exclusive training videos from renowned dog trainers like Cesar Milan. You can also get real-time location updates and customize the feedback for each fence boundary.

– 100% satisfaction guarantee: The Halo Collar comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can try it out and see the results for yourself. If you’re not happy with the collar, you can return it for a full refund.

– Excellent customer service: In addition to the satisfaction guarantee, the Halo Collar also comes with exceptional customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, the Halo team is always ready to help.


Introducing the revolutionary Halo Dog Collar – a smart, customizable, and comfortable solution for pet owners who want to keep their dogs safe and well-behaved. With advanced GPS technology, customizable feedback, and a range of other features, the Halo Collar is more than just a traditional collar: it’s a training tool and a boundary system, all in one. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into some of the Halo Collar’s standout features, including its wireless fence capabilities, activity tracking, and more. Read on to learn why the Halo Collar is a must-have for any responsible dog owner.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking has become a popular tool that dog owners use to keep their pets safe and secure. This technology allows you to pinpoint your dog’s exact location, track their activity, and even set boundaries to keep them from straying too far from home. Here are some of the benefits and advantages of using GPS tracking for your furry friend:

1. Ensures the Safety of Your Dog

GPS tracking allows you to monitor your dog’s whereabouts at all times, ensuring that they don’t get lost or injured. With this technology, you can easily track your pet’s activity and location, making it easier to find them if they go missing. This is especially important if you live in an area with high traffic or wildlife, where your dog may be at risk of getting hit by a car or attacked by predators.

2. Allows You to Set Boundaries

With GPS tracking, you can set up a virtual fence or boundary, which will alert you if your dog crosses the designated area. This is a great tool to use if you want to prevent your dog from entering certain areas of your property or if you have a fenced-in yard but want to ensure that your dog doesn’t escape.

3. Provides Real-time Location Accuracy

GPS tracking provides real-time updates on your dog’s location, allowing you to quickly and easily track them down if they get lost or wander too far from home. This is especially useful if your dog has a tendency to run off or if you live in a large, rural area.

4. Keeps Your Dog Active

GPS tracking allows you to monitor your dog’s activity levels, giving you insight into their daily exercise routine. This is especially useful if you have an active dog that requires regular exercise. By tracking their activity, you can ensure that they are getting the proper amount of physical activity each day.

5. Provides Valuable Feedback

Most GPS tracking devices come with a subscription plan that provides valuable feedback on your dog’s activity levels, training progress, and behavior. This feedback can help you make informed decisions about your dog’s health and well-being, as well as improve your training regimen.

Wireless Fences

Wireless fences have become increasingly popular among dog owners, and the Halo Dog Collar has taken this technology to the next level by incorporating GPS tracking. The Halo Dog Collar allows pet owners to create virtual fences using GPS technology, which can be highly effective in keeping dogs safe and secure in designated areas.

To create virtual fences, pet owners can use the Halo app to walk along the boundaries they wish to designate. The app will store the information from the walk to create the virtual fence and designate safe areas for their dogs. This is an incredibly useful tool to prevent dogs from escaping or entering certain areas, allowing them to roam within secure boundaries.

The Halo wireless fence is most effective under the right conditions. It requires an active cellular service connection, and the device must be paired with the Halo app. Real-time updates are provided on your dog’s location, ensuring that you can quickly find them if they stray outside of the designated area.

Additionally, the Halo app allows pet owners to save up to twenty different fences, which can be particularly useful for rural areas or dog parks. This feature will enable you to switch between multiple fences at different locations, depending on where you’re taking your dog out for exercise or fun.

Virtual Fences

As a pet owner, keeping your furry friend safe is crucial, which is why virtual fences are now becoming increasingly popular. With the Halo Dog Collar, you can set up virtual boundaries to create safe areas for your pet to roam in without the fear of them straying too far.

One of the benefits of virtual fences in the Halo Dog Collar is that you can create up to 20 fences with a maximum distance of 500 feet between each fence post. These virtual fences can be used in various locations, whether it’s in your backyard, at the park, or on a hiking trail.

Creating virtual fences is incredibly easy with the Halo app. You can shape the boundary of the virtual fence by walking around the area you want to designate as a safe zone for your dog. The app then stores the information from the walk to create the virtual fence and indicates safe areas for your furry friend.

It is essential to note that the size of the boundary you create with virtual fences is crucial. A virtual fence will only be effective if there is enough space between it and any physical barriers around. This space ensures that your dog doesn’t accidentally come into contact with the invisible fence and get confused.

Cellular Service

The Halo Dog Collar is a smart collar that comes equipped with cellular service. This feature allows the collar to communicate with your smartphone even when Wi-Fi is not available. The Halo collar’s cellular service enables various features to work seamlessly, including GPS tracking.

The GPS tracking feature of the Halo collar is made possible through the use of the collar’s cellular service. The collar sends real-time location updates to your smartphone, ensuring that you always know where your dog is and can track their movements. This is particularly useful when you’re out on a walk or hike with your furry friend.

It’s important to note that while the cellular service is not dependent on Wi-Fi, the Halo collar still needs to get some kind of cellular signal to operate. You don’t need to have the best cellular service available in your area, but you do need to ensure that the collar can receive some kind of signal to function properly.

Furthermore, the Halo app that connects to the collar is designed to work seamlessly with the cellular service. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and allows you to fully customize your collar’s settings, including boundary training and prevention feedback.

Smart Technology and Advanced Features

The Halo dog collar boasts smart technology and advanced features that make it stand out from other collars on the market. One of the key improvements is in its connectivity, which now includes enhanced Bluetooth, WiFi connection, and cellular capabilities. This means that pet owners can track their furry friends with even greater accuracy and consistency.

The Halo app is also a critical component, allowing pet owners to create invisible boundaries that keep their pets safe. Through the app, pet owners can design and set up virtual fences, limiting their pet’s movements to certain areas. The collar’s wireless fence size can cover up to 1,200 square miles, and it features 20 virtual fence posts at a maximum of 6.2 miles from each other. This provides ample space for dogs to roam while still being within reach of their owners.

In comparison to other smart collars on the market, the Halo dog collar offers unique features such as its enhanced connectivity and improved GPS tracking capabilities. This means that pet owners can trust that their pets are always within range and that they can accurately track their movements. Additionally, the Halo app’s ability to create invisible boundaries and provide customizable feedback sets it apart from other smart collars.

Battery Life and Charging Options

The Halo Dog Collar is designed to offer pet owners the convenience of long battery life and various charging options. With a battery life of up to 14 days, pet owners can rest assured that their collars will always be on and protecting their furry friends. This long battery life is especially useful for pet owners who love taking their dogs for long walks and outdoor activities without worrying about running out of battery.

The Halo Collar is powered by a non-replaceable lithium-ion battery, which ensures reliable and long-lasting performance. However, it’s essential to note that the battery’s life may vary depending on usage and other factors. The limited warranty period for the battery is six months, ensuring that pet owners can enjoy uninterrupted service from their collars.

When the Halo Collar’s battery runs out of charge, it takes approximately two hours to recharge fully. Pet owners can take advantage of the collar’s different charging options, including a charging cable and a charging base. These charging options are highly convenient, allowing pet owners to keep their collars charged and ready to use.

Activity Tracker and Training Programs

The Halo dog collar is an innovative product that offers a range of functions to help keep pets safe and well-trained. One of its most impressive features is the activity tracking system, which allows pet owners to monitor their dogs’ daily movements and exercise levels.

The Halo collar’s activity tracking system includes a range of sensors and algorithms that measure a dog’s activity level throughout the day. This data is then transmitted to the collar’s mobile app, where pet owners can see detailed reports on their dog’s activity, including steps taken, calories burned, and active minutes.

In addition to tracking activity, the Halo collar also offers a range of training programs that are designed to help pet owners train their dogs and improve their behavior. One of the collar’s most prominent features is the Dog Whisperer’s 21-day built-in training program, which uses behavioral psychology training methods to help dogs learn new commands and behaviors.

The Halo collar also includes a range of outdoor training programs that become available once the initial basic indoor training regimen is completed. These programs include boundary training, which uses virtual fences to provide prevention and encouragement feedback to keep dogs safe. The virtual fences are customizable, which allows pet owners to set up specific boundaries based on their dog’s behavior and preferences.

The Halo collar’s GPS location services also deliver real-time activity tracking, which allows pet owners to monitor their dog’s movements and ensure their safety. The collar’s location services are highly accurate, with a minimum neck size of 12 inches, making it suitable for most dog breeds and sizes.

Subscription Plans and Pricing

Halo’s subscription plans are designed to offer pet owners flexibility and variety in their use of the Halo Collar. There are three plans available: Basic, Pro, and Ultra, each with its own set of perks and prices.

The Basic plan costs $3.99 per month and includes access to the virtual fence feature, GPS location services, and data storage for up to two virtual fences. The Pro plan is priced at $6.99 per month and adds the activity tracking and training programs on top of the Basic plan perks, as well as unlimited data storage for virtual fences.

For those who want all the bells and whistles, the Ultra plan costs $14.99 per month, providing access to all the features of the Pro plan, plus premium training content including exclusive videos from renowned dog training expert Ken Ehrman. The Ultra plan also offers unlimited data storage for up to 50 virtual fences, making it an excellent option for those with larger outdoor spaces.

A subscription plan is essential for the Halo Collar to work correctly. The virtual fence and GPS location services rely on data storage that can only be accessed through a subscription plan. Additionally, the Premium Training content comes in a higher-tiered plan to enjoy all the benefits.

Choosing the right plan for your specific needs is crucial. For pet owners who live in apartments or small houses, the Basic plan may be sufficient, while those with larger outdoor spaces may prefer the Ultra plan. To help you make an informed decision, Halo is offering a special discount to our reader. Use the coupon code HALO10 to get 10% off your first month of subscription.

The Halo 2+ Collar has recently dropped in price from $999 to $699, but even at its previous price point, the collar exceeded our expectations. With high-quality GPS location services, data storage for virtual fences, and a range of training programs, the Halo Collar is an excellent investment for pet owners who want to keep their dogs safe and healthy.

Setting Up Your Halo Dog Collar

Setting up your Halo Dog Collar is a breeze with the help of the Halo App. Before getting started, make sure the collar is fully charged and adjusted for proper fit on your pet. It is also important to sync the collar with your pet’s existing microchip.

To begin, download the Halo App on your smartphone and register the collar. The app will provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up the collar, including updating the firmware and creating customized smart virtual fences based on your pet’s needs.

For additional guidance, it is recommended to consult the Halo Collar manual, which includes detailed instructions on setting up and using the collar. The manual covers everything from initial setup to troubleshooting common issues.

By following the instructions provided in the Halo App and manual, you can ensure that your Halo Dog Collar is properly set up and functioning at its best. Remember to regularly update the firmware and virtual fences to keep your pet safe and secure.


In conclusion, the Halo Dog Collar is a game-changing product for pet owners. This smart collar offers a wide range of benefits, including the ability to save money that would have been spent on traditional fencing, the ability to keep your pet within safe boundaries without physical fences, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing your furry friend is both safe and happy.

The Halo Collar also serves as a reliable training tool, providing expert videos and support to pet owners to help them train their dogs effectively. With its advanced technology, this collar has been proven to be a dependable and effective means of keeping dogs within safe boundaries while also monitoring their activities and location.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Halo Collar, it’s important to do your research and seek out authentic reviews from other buyers. Make an informed decision and invest in this outstanding product to keep your pet safe and happy.

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